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DCRA     FTED                                                       STALWART

                 OODEN LURW                                                          So Good, You’ll want to keep it quiet!
SPINNERS                                                     Made in
                      HAN                                    Finland                                The floating Stalwart wobbler has a very distinctive sway
                                                         ES                                  swimming action. Its shape and weight design is as original as
                                                                                              the other well known “Nils Masters” lure models. The Stalwart
                                                                                              lure is perfect for cast fishing in rapids, rivers and from a boat.

                                                                                                    The Stalwart is also excellent for trolling with a low speed
                                                                                                              behind a boat and also for use with downriggers.

                 8 cm | 13 g

WOBBLERS                                                                           8 cm | 13 g                       8 cm | 13 g

                 FEATURES:                                                                            STALWART
                 »» Wooden lure.
                 »» Full stainless steel wire-through-body construction.                        Size Weight (appr.)  Running depth
                 »» Durable hand painting detailed colours.                                                                2.5 m
                 »» Contrast colours.                                                           8 cm  13 g
                 »» VMC Hi carbon steel hooks with high resistance
                    to opening. Curved in point.
                 »» Heavy duty stainless steel split rings.
                 »» It has its own unique life-like swimming action

                    with a swaying shimmer.
                 STALWART colour chart:

                   053 158 159

                   160 274 289

VERTICAL JIGS    ‘Let the lures
                 do the talking’ …


                 ORIGINAL                                    by Finlandia-uistin Oy

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