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Invincible    MARK OF QUALITY                                                       SPINNERS
     LOTTO                                                                                     4–6
                 The symbols shown next to the lures highlight some
  Spearhead      quality features of Nils Master & Bete fishing lures.
                 Made in Finland         MADE IN FINLAND
      JUMBO                              Since 1963 Finlandia-uistin Oy has
                                         been manufacturing its lures in Finland
   Jäpittäjä                             following the traditions of highest quality.
                          FTEDDCRA       HANDCRAFTED                                   WOBBLERS
   KROKODIL                                                                                    7–16
      Nirha      WOODEN LUR              Lures marked with the ‘Handcrafted
       Zap       HAN                     wooden lure’ logo symbolizes the
                                         lure is made of wood. Wood being a
TROLLING SPOON                       ES  natural living material brings a special
      BINGO                              uniqueness to each and every lure
      SHAD                               making it your very own secret fishing
      JALO                               weapon. Each wooden lure is made
     JIGGER                              with a labour intensive process with
                                         over 22 different stages of work by
 ROTINKAINEN                             hand. Each lure made by Finlandia-
  SNUB-HEAD                              Uistin is individually quality controlled,
                                         hand tuned and swim tested before
     HANSKI                              packaging.
      KENO                               PRECISION CASTING DESIGN                      SPOONS
     FLYeye                              Lures marked with the ‘precision casting              17–18
   BIG MOUTH                             design logo’ are easy to cast lures when
                                         fishing by casting fishing method. Their      BALANCE JIGGERS
       UTÖ                               weight, shape and balanced design                     19–24
       NISÄ                              make them fine casters with more
     LOVIISA                             precision to hit the target point.
     DUELER                              When the lures hit the water the lures
INVINCIBLE ZOOM                          are positioned well to start their action
                                         on retrieve.

                                         Invincible, Spearhead, Jäpittäjä, zap,
                                         DartMaster, Uto & Krokodil spoons, Lotto
                                         & Bingo spinners.

                                         VMC HI CARBON STEEL HOOKS
                                         Many Nils Master & Bete lures are fitted
                                         with VMC Hi carbon steel hooks. VMC
                                         is a long established hook maker well
                                         known for their high quality. Carbon
                                         stabilizes iron during temperature
                                         changes. The higher the level of carbon,
                                         the stronger the steel. VMC uses
                                         premium-quality high carbon steel to
                                         allow for a thinner hook with the highest
                                         quality point and durability.

                 ORIGINAL                by Finlandia-uistin Oy                        VERTICAL JIGS
                               REGISTERED TRADEMARKS
                 Nils Master & Bete belongs to Finlandia-Uistin Oy.
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