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SPINNERS                                                                                     LOTTO

WOBBLERS                                                                                      SPINNER

                                                                        60 mm | 15 g                       ! NEW!COLOUR!

                                                                                                             35 mm | 9 g

                                                                                                          ! NEW!COLOUR!

                                                                                                              45 mm | 12 g

                        75 mm IS Designed for
                 catching big pike AND SEA TROUT.

SPOONS                                                          75 mm | 24 g                                          25 mm | 6 g

                 75 mm COLOUR CHART:                                                  25 mm COLOUR CHART:

BALANCE JIGGERS                BRG-11          EH-117           RV-90                         KA-02            SB-16          SJ-78             PS-101
                              SILVER           SILVER           SILVER                       COPPER           SILVER           RED              SILVER
                 COPPER                BSF-01           VH-137           RI-77        PU-24           ER-189           RY-13             ST-56
                                       SILVER          COPPER           SILVER        BRASS          COPPER           BRASS             COPPER

                 FEATURES:                                                                                    LOTTO

                 »» 360 rotation blade.                                                                       Size Weight (appr.)
                 »» Designed so the body of the lotto will not rotate and thus
                                                                                                       25 mm                  6 g
                    preventing the line from twisting.
                                                                                                       35 mm                  9g
                 »» Hand painted for best possible finish.
                 »» 35-75 mm durable plastic molded body.                                              45 mm                  12 g
                 »» Full stainless steel wire-through-body construction.
                 »» Solid brass bead and stainless steel split ring.                                   60 mm                  15 g
                 »» Long casting performer.
                 »» Swims on its flat side creating a unique fluttering wobble                         75 mm                  24 g

VERTICAL JIGS       movement. The combination of the rotating shining blade and
                    the fluttering wobble action is irresistible for fish to strike.

                 »» Suitable for casting and trolling. Moves gracefully through

                    standing water and fast moving water.

                LOTTO SPINNER´S specially fish shaped and weighed body is plastic molded

                    and hand painted for the best possible finish. The body of the Lotto Spinner
                    will not rotate thus preventing line from twisting. Lotto Spinner is an excellent
                    choice when only a spinner bait will do the job.

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