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LOTTO SPINNERĀ“S specially fish shaped and weighed body is plastic                                            SPINNERS
molded and hand painted for the best possible finish. The body of the
Lotto Spinner will not rotate thus preventing line from twisting. Lotto
Spinner is an excellent choice when only a spinner bait will do the job.

Lotto Spinner colour chart SIZES 35-60 MM:

BSF-01                 KS-25                                              GP-93
Silver                 Copper                                             Silver

KA-02                  RO-26                                              RB-97
Copper                 Copper                                             Silver

Z-05                   HB-28                                              FG-98                              WOBBLERS
Copper                 SIlver                                             Silver
VI-06                                                                     PS-101
Silver                 RS-33                                              Silver
YP-07                  Silver                                             EH-117
Brass                                                                     Silver
SE-08                  A-36                                               PI-122
Copper                 Silver                                             Copper
GBO-                                                                      VH-137
009     ! NEW!COLOUR!  XRS-38                                             Copper
LYS-10                 SIlver                                             RG-151
glow                   PA-52                                              Silver                             SPOONS
Brass                  Copper                                             ER-189
BRG-11                 ST-56                                              Copper
Silver                 Copper                                             201 BBK
VR-12                                                                     Copper
Silver                 NA-63                                                       ! NEW!COLOUR!
                       Copper                                                      ! NEW!COLOUR!
                       Copper                                                      ! NEW!COLOUR!
                                                                                   ! NEW!COLOUR!
RY-13                  PH-70                                              202 BBK  ! NEW!COLOUR!             BALANCE JIGGERS
Brass                  Silver                                             Copper
SV-15                  UR-76                                              OK-226                            5
Silver                 Copper                                             Black
SB-16                  RI-77                                              250 PF
SIlver                 Silver                                             Copper
GR-19                  SJ-78                                              251 BP
Silver                 Red                                                Silver

GGO-22                 AH-79                                              252 BF                             VERTICAL JIGS
Silver                 Copper                                             Copper
OGS-23                 MP-86
Silver                 Copper                                             GLR-274
PU-24                  RV-90                                              glow
Brass                  Silver                                             Copper
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