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SPINNERS                                                                                BINGO


                                                                                                Speed Deceives!

                                                                                        The BINGO SPINNER has a very sensitive

                                                                                        rotating action. Its blade attachment

                                                                                        has been made so that it starts to rotate

WOBBLERS                                                                                the instant it is in the water. When the

                                                                                        lure is in motion the blade spins creating

                                                                                        varying degrees of flash and vibration

                                                                                        that mimics small fish. Fish can’t resist the

                                              25 mm | 6 g                                colourful and fast moving Bingo spinner.
                                                                                        The high-contrast colour blades make an

                 FEATURES:                                                               excellent choice in low-light or low-visibility
                                                                                       water. Trout react quickly to intense colours,
                 »» Fast 360 rotation blade.
                 »» Designed so the body of the bingo will not                             sonic vibrations and flash and under most
                                                                                          conditions when using the Bingo spinner a

                    rotate and thus preventing the line from twisting.                    constant, straight retrieve works best for trout.
                                                                                    The Bingo spinner will catch all types of game fish.
                 »» Full stainless steel wire-through-body construction.
                 »» Armed with VMC hi carbon hook.

SPOONS           »» Long casting performer.                                             BINGO
                 »» contrast colours.
                 »» Swims with poised body and a high velocity blade speed rotation.    Size Weight (appr.)

                    This creates just the right amount of water disturbance and subtle  25 mm                6g

                 flashing of colour for fooling fish to take it.                        35 mm                8g

                 »» Suitable for casting and trolling in standing and running waters.

                 BINGO SPINNER colour chart:

BALANCE JIGGERS  007 008                                                                009 010

                 011                                              012                   013 014
                                015                                            016                      024


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