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                                               ERADICATE CANCER
Finland’s accomplishments in cancer are
based on decades of heavy investment           Today, several public-private research and
in health-related education, research and      development projects drive the continuous
research infrastructure – not to forget the    expansion of Finnish cancer expertise.
great quality of data including longitudinal   Among others, Finnish flagship project
series and cross-linking medical registries.   iCAN is an innovative multidisciplinary
The Finnish National Cancer Centre             initiative that brings together some of the
(FICAN) promotes equal care, research          world’s leading actors to solve one of the
and development, by coordinating national      most pressing challenges of our time –
clinical cancer research and the use of        cancer.
service resources in cancer treatment.         On an international level, Finland’s high-lev-
One objective of cancer research is to         el cancer innovations and advanced digital
develop personalized and effective cancer      skills have been recognized by leading
treatment, especially the utilization of       global cancer and oncology companies. This
genomic data in diagnostics and treatment      is underlined by examples of recent acquisi-
selection, and to promote equal and            tions of Finnish companies by organizations
immediate access to clinical examinations      such as Varian in health-tech startup
for patients.                                  Noona and Elekta in Kaiku Health. The
Finnish oncologists are trained in both        Finnish clinical research capabilities have
oncology and radiotherapy, enabling them       attracted global pharma companies, such
to refer patients more accurately to the       as Bayer and Novartis, to find opportunities
right treatment. Collaboration between         for collaboration in Finland. In addition,
cancer researchers and doctors creates a       Finland has a thriving startup community;
foundation for evidence-based, multidisci-     many of these companies are excelling in
plinary and increasingly individualized care.  the health sector and offer opportunities for
Based on the average number of citations       international collaborations.
per clinical cancer publication, Finland is    We invite you to read more about the latest
the number one country in cancer research.     Finnish cancer expertise and look forward to
Each Finnish cancer article receives an        keeping in touch!
average of 26.4 citations.
Globally, Helsinki University Hospital
(HUS) is recognized as a world leader in
cancer research and care. As the first
hospital in northern Europe awarded
the Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC)
accreditation by the Organization of
European Cancer Institutes (OECI), HUS
has developed into a nexus of cutting-edge
medical research and treatment.
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