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                   PLANT-BASED PRODUCTS ARE
                   IN HIGH DEMAND


                   Interview: Sami Wirman, Country Manager Sweden & International Sales Director,
                   Fazer Lifestyle Foods.

                                                                                 WHY OATS IN

FOOD FROM FINLAND    “OAT PRODUCTS ARE IN GROWING                                Oat products are in high demand around the world. Their
                     DEMAND.”                                                    popularity is based equally on health merits and the
                                                                                 global trend towards natural foods. Oats are known as the
                      They are a fantastic, versatile raw material that can      Nordic supergrain, and that says it all. Oats are velvety
                      really do it all. We are in high gear right now. The rise  smooth and good for your gut as well as packed with nu-
                      of plant-based products is a trend I’m excited to be       trition. Among other benefits, oats contain beta-glucan, a
                      part of”, says Sami Wirman, Country Manager Sweden         fibre which helps manage blood cholesterol levels.
                      & International Sales Director at Fazer Lifestyle
                      Foods.                                                     Growing up in the North has taught us to embrace oats
                                                                                 and pioneering the field is a value-driven strategy for
                   CAN YOU TELL US A BIT                                         Fazer. We have our own oat mills in Lahti and in Lid-
                   ABOUT FAZER LIFESTYLE                                         köping. We are adding a new oat xylitol facility as well.
                   FOODS?                                                        Quality and purity are the hallmarks of Finnish oats. Oats
                                                                                 are a versatile raw material and allow diverse options for
                   We are part of the Fazer Group. Essentially, our mission is   processing.
                   to facilitate plant-based lifestyles without compromises.
                   We are heavily focused on oats and continue to create         Fazer’s products and Nordic values are held in great
                   new products and experiences around them.                     esteem around the world. Oat drinks, Oat gurts and Oat
                                                                                 for cooking products have drawn global attention. These
                                                                                 products are being manufactured in Koria’s production
                                                                                 factory. In addition to their health benefits, oats are also
                                                                                 environmentally friendly, as Finnish grains have a very
                                                                                 moderate carbon footprint compared to their nutritional

                   We have a vast selection of delicious products ranging
                   from non-dairy food supplies to plant-based meals and
                   tasty snacks and cooking products. We have expanded
                   our portfolio through in-house R&D as well as acquisi-

                   We are proud to fly the Nordic flag and cherish the North-
                   ern flavours we get to introduce to the rest of the world.
                   Fazer Lifestyle Foods aspires to become one of the lead-
                   ing producers of plant-based foods in Northern Europe.

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