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                   FINNISH FOOD


                   According to the UN, Finland is the happiest nation on earth. The Finns’ natural way
                   of life is considered a key reason. Finnish food grows in clean air, soil and waters. The
                   Nordic climate and long, bright summer nights lend our foods their own, distinctive
                   flavours. Finnish food and drink taste of the pure North.

FOOD FROM FINLAND  Finnish cuisine is very much about honesty and paying     FACT AND FIGURES
                   tribute to the ingredients. We’re especially proud of
                   the quality and safety of our food. Every aspect of the            88%
                   production chain from farm to table has been conside-
                   red and secured. When it comes to food safety, we’re     Finland’s total area is 338 000
                   world-class. We know where our food comes from and             km2, most of which
                   how it has been cultivated.
                                                                                (up to 88%) is forest
                   The Finnish food industry is also known for its fresh
                   innovations that perfectly match the global trends of     Finnish poultry farms have been     The purest food in the EU (Eu-
                   sustainability and healthiness. Food from Finland’s      antibiotic-free since 2009 (Finnish  ropean Food Safety Authority,
                   Pure Taste Magazine has highlighted some of these                                              report on pesticide residues
                   inspiring Finnish innovations that are winning hearts       Food Safety Authority, Evira)
                   and minds around the world. Also included are a few of                                                     in food)
                   chef Mikko Kaukonen’s incredible recipes.

                   WELCOME TO                                                   Finland is the 2nd largest        Over one billion kilos and
                   THE WORLD OF                                             exporter of oats (Food and Agricul-  hundreds of species of edible
                   FLAVOURS!                                                                                     mushrooms grow in Finland’s
                                                                                  ture Organization of the
                                                                                       United Nations)            forests every year (Natural
                                                                                                                 Resources Institute Finland,


                                                                             A total of 37 different types of     Wild berries are an excellent
                                                                            edible wild berries can be found     source of vitamin C, containing
                                                                                                                  as much as or even more than
                                                                               in Finland. The most widely
                                                                            known are bilberry, raspberry, lin-        fruits and vegetables.
                                                                             gonberry, cloudberry, cranberry,            (Arktiset Aromit)

                                                                              sea-buckthorn and crowberry.

                                                                            Bilberries are low in fat and rich                LINKS
                                                                            in fiber and contain vitamins C
                                                                            and E. The wild bilberry is three         Natural resources institute Finland
                                                                              to four times richer in these
                                                                             flavonoids than is the related                  Arctic Flavor Association
                                                                                   highbush blueberry.
                                                                                                                                   Luminous Oats

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