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                   COMES FIRST”

                   MIKKO KAUKONEN, CHEF.

                   Chef Mikko Kaukonen is proud of Finnish ingredients and their purity, safety
                   and diversity. He is Finland’s representative for the world’s premier culinary
                   competition, Bocuse d ‘Or.

FOOD FROM FINLAND  Born in Helsinki, Mikko has always been competi-         create stunning presentations and dishes with meat
                   tive and found his first outlet with football. His love  and fish in 5 hours and 35 minutes, all in front of a
                   for food and cooking started in his late teens. “Manu-   roaring audience.
                   al work and constant learning come very naturally for
                   me. I’m a team player, and it takes teamwork to create   “For the competition, everything needs to line up per-
                   first-class gastronomic experiences. I’d say team spir-  fectly in terms of visual effect, time and taste. The
                   it is one of our cornerstones for Bocuse d’Or”, Mikko    cooking on display is highly technical. Everything is
                   Kaukonen states.                                         based on classic cooking techniques, but we aim to
                                                                            sharpen our tastes to perfection. However, I do want to
                   Success in the Bocuse d’Or requires a tremendous         keep things simple and focus on taste, as taste always
                   amount of practice and perseverance. The goal is to      comes first with food”, Mikko stresses.

                   FINNISH SEASONAL
                   DELICACIES ARE UNIQUE

                   When it comes to Finnish food, Mikko appreciates how     One of Mikko’s favourites is the Finnish potato. “New
                   honest and taste-driven it is.                           potatoes are a uniquely Finnish treat. Many visitors are
                   “Finnish cuisine has always seen influences from the     blown away by our small potatoes served with real Finn-
                   West and the East. Finnish restaurants are clearly into  ish butter. My other Finnish favourites, in addition to
                   Asian twists at the moment, and our ingredients are      wild berries and mushrooms, are rye bread, pikeperch,
                   perfectly suited for that. ”                             root vegetables, game and our incredible crayfish.”

                   Summer is the peak season for many Finnish ingre-        Finland’s food supplies are highly traceable and safe,
                   dients. Our northern nature, clean soil and bright       which is also something Mikko values. “For instance,
                   summers create unique berries, vegetables and mush-      Finnish pork travels from farm to table in a very delib-
                   rooms. “The forests are full of treasure in the summer   erate order. This guarantees good taste and structure,
                   and early autumn. I like to forage for wild berries and  but also safety for the diner.”
                   herbs as well as currants and mushrooms myself”,
                   Mikko explains.

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