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                   TREASURES FROM
                   FINNISH FORESTS


                   Interview: Eija Wall, Sales and Marketing Manager, Kiantama.

                   WHAT’S THE STORY
                   BEHIND YOUR COMPANY?
                   WHY DO YOU EXPORT
                   FINNISH BERRIES?

FOOD FROM FINLAND  We are a family business located in North-East Fin-         Eija Wall, Sales and Marketing Manager, Kiantama.
                   land. Kainuu has been our home since the day we start-
                   ed. In my opinion, our berry products are some of the       “FINNISH NATURE IS CLOSE TO MY
                   best high tech from Kainuu. Gold from our forests for       HEART, AND WILD BERRIES ARE TRUE
                   the good of all people. The export market knows the         GEMS OF THE FOREST.”
                   value of Finnish berries, and approximately half of our
                   revenue comes from export.                                   I love that I get to promote people’s health and well-
                                                                                being.” While Eija loves all wild berries, her favourite
                   Berries have always been part of the Finnish diet, but       is the lingonberry. “Finnish lingonberries have a taste
                   elsewhere people might not know about their great            of pure health and Finnish forests.”
                   benefits. Berries contain a diverse cocktail of healthy
                   nutrients, such as fibre, vitamin C and E, the B vita-    WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD
                   min folate and numerous minerals. Their polyphenols,      ABOUT KIANTAMA?
                   which protect the berries from within, are also valuable
                   for humans.                                               Our philosophy starts with respect and appreciation
                                                                             for our raw materials. Nothing goes to waste; we use
                   WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO                                    everything we pick. For instance, we collect our lefto-
                   USE BERRIES?                                              ver material and provide them for further use in vari-
                                                                             ous industries. At the moment, we’re taking part in a
                   Berries are the definition of a superfood, and best of    study to see what nutrients can be extracted from the
                   all, we can eat them straight from nature here in Fin-    leaves of different berries.
                   land. In fact, Finland’s everyman’s rights allow you
                   to pick wild berries freely. Is there anything sweeter    Finland’s nature and climate are ideal for berries,
                   than picking your own berries? I believe we Finns are     which allows sustainable production. Our clean soil
                   the happiest nation because we live so close to nature.   and air coupled with a short, intense growing season
                   However, some people don’t have access to wild ber-       create berries packed with nutrients and flavour. We
                   ries, so our company wants to provide them to all the     provide berries in various forms: dried, ground, whole.
                   people of the world. Our mission is to get more people    We pride ourselves on manufacturing our berry pow-
                   to consume berries.                                       ders from whole berries, maintaining their nutritional

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