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                   FINNISH RYE

                   KYRÖ DISTILLERY

                   Interview: Mikko Koskinen,
                   Co-founder Kyrö Distillery Company.

                   WHAT’S THE STORY
                   BEHIND KYRÖ?

                   Since we’re Finns, the story begins in the sauna. As it
                   happens, we were sipping American rye whiskey. Rye
                   is an integral part of Finnish food and culture, and
                   one of us came up with the idea of creating a Finnish
                   rye whisky. Since the idea still seemed great the next
                   morning, we turned it into reality. The Kyrö Distillery
                   was founded in 2014.
                   In the beginning, we knew nothing about distilling, so
                   we toured distilleries around Europe and got an educa-
                   tion in the field. Whisky takes several years to mature,
                   so we had other rye-based products planned from the
                   start. Our gin turned out excellent, and right off the
                   bat, it won its class at the world’s premier spirits com-
                   petition, the IWSC.

                   WHAT IS YOUR CORE

                   Over the years, Kyrö Distillery has evolved from a wild
                   dream into a bonafide success and champion of rye.
                   Pure ingredients, Finnish nature and equality matter
                   the most to us. Isokyrö, our home in Ostrobothnia, is
                   also a big part of our brand. Our distillery is housed
                   in a former creamery which was built in 1908. To us,
                   Isokyrö stands for entrepreneurship, community spir-
                   it and good laughs. Our international customers also
                   seem to value our local flair and can-do spirit.

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