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”’DREAM AND DARE’ IS OUR MOTTO”,                                                                                              FOOD FROM FINLAND

Kyrö Distillery’s drinks can be paired with various
dishes. ”Gin and tonic goes fantastically with fatty fish,
such as salmon. Gin-cured salmon with cranberries and
rosemary is a Finnish classic.
Our Dairy Cream liqueur is great with coffee and dark
chocolate. As to our rye whisky, I recommend having it
with good company”, Mikko says.

                                   WHY DID YOU CHOOSE
                                   FINNISH RYE?

                                                                   All of Kyrö’s products are based on wholegrain rye from
                                                                   Finland. In many parts of the world, rye is seen as an-
                                                                   imal feed. We Finns love rye and even use it to make
                                                                   our national bread. From the fields to the bottle, we
                                                                   can guarantee the highest level of quality for our rye.
                                                                   Wholegrain rye is a very temperamental grain to distil,
                                                                   but avoiding shortcuts allows us to make the best pos-
                                                                   sible product. We source the rye as well as our other in-
                                                                   gredients as locally as we can. Many of our flavourings,
                                                                   such as birch leaves, are harvested right from our yard.

                                   WHAT DREAMS ARE STILL
                                   LEFT FOR YOUR FUTURE?

                                                                   We want to take Finnish premium spirits and drinks to
                                                                   the world and become the number one rye distillery in
                                                                   the world. We’re also working to make our visitor centre
                                                                   the best attraction in Finland and a must-see for trav-
                                                                   ellers. Our greatest adventures are still ahead – always.

                                   KYRÖ DISTILLERY

                                                             •		Founded in 2014. Located in Isokyrö, 	
                                                             •		Known for their rye-based spirits,
                                                             		such as gin, whisky and cream liqueur.
                                                             •		Due to the Corona pandemic, Kyrö also 	
                                                             		produces hand sanitiser.
                                                             • 		Products sold in 25 countries
                                                             •		Employs 29 people.
                                                             • 		Kyrö Distillery’s single malt rye whisky 	
                                                             		received 98/100 points and a gold medal 	
                                                             		at the esteemed International Wine and 	
                                                             		Spirit Competition (IWCS).

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