1. University of Oulu - Science with Arctic Attitude
  2. UniOulu Experience
  3. How to apply to study with us
    1. Bachelor’s in Digitalisation, Computing and Electronics
    2. Bachelor’s in Intercultural Teacher Education
    3. Bachelor’s in International Business Management
    1. Master’s in Architecture
    2. Master’s in Biochemistry
    3. Master’s in Biomedical Engineering
    4. Master’s in Business Analytics
    5. Master’s in Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials
    6. Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering
    7. Master's in Economics
    8. Master’s in Education and Globalisation
    9. Master’s in Electronics
    10. Master’s in Environmental Engineering
    11. Master’s in Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science
    12. Master’s in Finance
    13. Master’s in Financial and Management Accounting
    14. Master’s in International Business Management
    15. Master’s in Learning, Education and Technology
    16. Master’s in Sustainable Marketing
    17. Master’s in Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining
    18. Master’s in Product and Project Management
    19. Master’s in Software Engineering and Information Systems
    20. Master’s in Sustainable and Autonomous Systems
    21. Master’s in Wireless Communications Engineering
    1. Tervetuloa Ouluun – Welcome to Oulu!
    2. Winter is enjoyable when you have hobbies
    3. Touring Finland by bike
    4. Exciting study opportunities and snow intrigued Khalil Chakal about Oulu
    5. Kummi Family may turn into a lifelong friendship
  4. Finland – the happiest country in the world
  5. 10 Reasons for Choosing Oulu
  6. Oulu – European ​Capital of Culture 2026
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